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Imagine something different

Looseleaf Publishing is a small publishing house dedicated to new ways of imagining the future. There are plenty of dystopias and utopias out there. But what about the possibility that, though the problems face us are plenty real, the story of humanity isn’t, in fact, currently in its last chapter? What if we’re not the destroyers and/or saviors, and there’ll be people after us, and they’ll live lives in a changed world no one can yet imagine? Isn’t their world worth telling some stories about?

Our flagship (and until recently, only) publication is New Maps, a quarterly magazine of short stories that take place during and after the long, ragged decline of the fossil fuel era. Each issue features about half a dozen brand new stories, plus columns and an animated community letters section, across over 100 defiantly physical pages (digital version available). New Maps can be ordered from the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and a dozen other countries (and counting). Come join the community.

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In summer of 2022 Looseleaf branched out into publishing standalone books with John Michael Greer’s collection The Flesh of Your Future Sticks Between My Teeth: Stories from the Gristle Cli-fi Parody Contest. Parodying Grist magazine’s vacuous writing contest on highly woke visions of the year 2200, it collects 12 stories from authors around the world, both hilarious and bracing, that make deserved fun of the nonsolutions to climate, energy, and even social-justice predicaments that are hawked endlessly in the present day.