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The Flesh of Your Future Sticks Between My Teeth


The Flesh of Your Future Sticks Between My Teeth:
Stories from the Gristle Cli-fi Parody Contest



“The climate is going to explode! T-minus ten minutes.”
“Quick! We have to do something!”
“It’s no use. The “SAVE PLANET” button is too far away.”
“Then we finish our popcorn, get off the couch, and walk if we have to.”

Join John Michael Greer (Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush) for this anthology of genre-founding climate-fiction parodies, bursting with twelve improbable visions of future solutions to every existential problem. The world’s predicaments are plenty real, but our current solutions—“raising awareness” and being “intersectional,” mostly—aren’t helping much. How about some irreverent new futures, like …

  • The world’s richest Karrenn butting heads with Sweden’s most entitled environmental wunderkind
  • More than you ever wanted to know about a future industry that puts people (into the grinding machine) first
  • All the trouble that ensues after a chance discovery at the Australian Wildlife Fund gives the world its wish for limitless energy

And 9 more iconoclastic futures guaranteed to bust blood vessels in the foreheads of true believers in the latest way to Save the World Without Really Trying.

The coming decades of the Long Descent from the heights of the fossil fuel age won’t be easy, but if we can learn to laugh at ourselves, then maybe, with luck, on some far-off day we can all die with a grin.

Featuring contributions from: John Michael Greer • Simon Sheridan • E. E. Hills • Roger Arevalo • Justin Patrick Moore • Linda Peer • Lester J. Bear • Daniel Crawford • Haldane B. Doyle • Ian Duncombe • Ron Mucklestone • Mark White

Currently available in: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Japan. Is your country not listed? Write to and it can almost certainly be added.

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