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The Flesh of Your Future Sticks Between My Teeth: New Book Out Sep. 10

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I’m excited to announce that Looseleaf Publishing’s first excursion into non-magazine publishing is in press and will be released on September 10, 2022.

The amply titled The Flesh of Your Future Sticks Between My Teeth: Stories from the Gristle Cli-fi Parody Contest is a compilation of the winning stories from John Michael Greer’s Gristle writing contest.

The Gristle contest began last year, when Grist magazine — a glitzy, pseudoenvironmental outfit that hawks climate nonsolutions tuned to carefully shield the psyches of the affluent who do most of the world’s polluting — opened a contest for climate-fiction stories. The stories would be set in future “intersectional worlds” in which doing non-climate-related things like using pronouns differently somehow makes up the world’s energy shortfalls and dials back the climate change thermostat.

Greer, getting wind of this — see his excellent Ecosophia post about the contest’s inherent self-contradiction — proposed a counter-contest, with the explicit goal of making fun of Grist’s silly futures.

The stories that resulted, collected here, are a hilarious and cutting mix of cli-fi and satire. If you’re interested in having some fun at the richly deserved expense of empty-calorie magazines like Grist, you’ll want to check this out.

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2 thoughts on “The Flesh of Your Future Sticks Between My Teeth: New Book Out Sep. 10”

  1. Could you please add the contributors’ names to the information about this book on Amazon? Right now, it is not possible to market the anthology along with one’s other works, because the only author is John Michael Greer.
    It would be kind to add the contributors names here, too, on the publisher page.

    1. Hi Linda,
      The trouble with that is that Amazon only gives fields for 9 contributors’ names, and this book has 12. Rather than choose 3 unlucky authors to ax from the list, I decided to list only the primary editor. But you’re right about listing the names anyway at least in the description; I’ve just added the contributor names to the book’s product page on this site, and to the Amazon product page, although that was never intended to be the primary way people got the book. (I’ve priced it $2 lower here for that reason!)

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